Founded by Markus and three other members in 2005, Irdorath recorded their first demo “Erwachen” and their first album “Götterdämmerung”. Several shows in Austria were played during the following years.

In the years 2008 and 2009 some personal changes happened. Thomas took over the drums and Esche the rhythm guitar. This was a turning point for IRDORATH, their music got more influences from Thrash Metal and in 2010 the second album “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches” was recorded and released through Massacre Records. During the writing session the bass guitar was assumed by Mario. The singer Schnitter left the band and Markus started to be the vocalist beside his guitar work. Tours and festival appearances in and around Austria followed.

The third album “I Am Risen” was recorded and released in 2013. Again, concerts all over Europe followed and the feedback from the fans and the music press was overwhelming. In 2015 Esche left the band. To celebrate the band’s 10-year anniversary Irdorath played some special shows with Christoph (Groteskh, Sakrileg), who joined the band on rhythm guitar.

In 2017 IRDORATH released their 4th record called “Denial Of Creation”, found a new guitarist in Craig (Seduced) and played tons of shows and already started to write music for their next album.

Their latest album “The Final Sin” was recorded in 2019 and will be released in 2020. To celebrate their 15 years jubilee a special re-take of their first EP “Götterdämmerung” was also recorded. This one includes a never released song of their beginning times. Release-Shows, festival appearances, music videos, new merch-design and much more are already set and ready to be spread around the world.

During the C19 pandemic, Craig decided to pursue other avenues and left Irdorath. His place on guitar was taken by Isiul (Groteskh, Isiulusions, Ashes Of Moon) in September 2021.